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July 19, 2015

Hello! So, apparently I'm 30 years old. This is so bizarre. Just a new number. I can't believe it. I mean, of course I'm happy that I've made it to 30, and hopefully I have another 30 in store, plus another 30 after that (and then I'm probably good).

 So, I've been spending the summer in Miami, working. This has been great, except that I have no friends here. It's a 10 week program and I spent two weekends in Tampa, 1 in Boca, and 1 in Tally. So, it's not like I've been moping around every weekend. The weekends I've been here, in Miami, I've been exploring. My family, for some reason, thinks this is weird and/or brave. I don't know why. I moved to NYC by my self when I was 21 years old, not knowing anyone. So, how weird is it that I would explore Miami by myself?

 So, basically, I decided to have a little Staycation in Miami, on South Beach. I've only had one other experience on South Beach, last September, when I was down here for an interview, and it was miserable. It was basically equally as miserable this weekend, thanks, heat -- -so I may have to rethink my opinions on Paris and Venice as well because I'm realizing heat plays a BIG role in my feelings.

 Anyways, I came here Saturday morning because I wanted to do a walking tour of the Art Deco district. It was at 10am, but it was still SO HOT. I learned a lot, but, most importantly, I learned that the reason I wasn't seeing any of these pastel buildings I'd been dying to see -- IS THAT THEY DONT EXIST ANYMORE!!! So like, all of those buildings were painted pastel for Miami Vice! lol! Traditional Art Deco buildings were painted white/beige/brown bc those colors are easier to maintain. You still see bits of it around South Beach, but not what I was expecting.

Okay, so another big dilemma with this was that I hadn't eaten anything all morning, nor had I had any caffeine. So, it was just brutal. But, luckily our guide brought us inside a lot of hotels. Oh, sweet sweet a/c. 
After the tour, I went to my hotel : The Surfcomber. Check-in was 4:00, and it was only 12:00, but I was prayinngggg for an early check-in. I did get it, eventually, at 2:00. :)
So, I hung out by the pool, by the beach, at the bar, etc. I also got an 80 minute massage, which was really nice, but actually I realize maybe 60 minutes is good for me. Because afterwards my lower back hurt really bad and I started googling/webMd-ing what was happening to me. 
This morning,  I set my alarm to wake up for sunrise (6:30am). Then it went off, and I was like, nah. Then I felt guilty for missing it, so then I go up. I was a little late for the precise moment when the sun rose above the horizon, but it was cloudy so it all worked out. 
6:30am selfies. 
Not too shabby! 
Then I started my mission to find all the cool lifeguard huts on South Beach. I took a bike from the hotel and rode down to the South Pointe Pier. 
But, it was SOOO hot and my bike had a flat front tire, so I gave up after about 6 total. But, how cool are they? My favorite is the one that looks like a lighthouse!!
From pier. 
Okay, then I got back to the hotel, ate breakfast and took a nap because I had the worst pain ever! When I woke up, I immediately went out to the beach, finally!
I read HP out there and relaxed. 
& that's basically it! 
It was a really nice, relaxing weekend! 
I have one week left of work and then Felipe & Vicky are coming down next weekend and we're going to Key West to celebrate some mo'. Can't wait!!!

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