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It's OK! - and a commentary on PC-ness

March 16, 2014

well, i know I'm just a little bit late to the party but since I was on spring break this week I obviously took used that time wisely and watched the entire season of the bachelor. 

i have NEVER watched the bachelor or the bachelorette. the only season i watched was with ben flajnik (?) and that's just because i was stealing cable at the time and I only got like 4 channels and that was all that was on on monday nights -- also i thought courtney (was that her name?) was perfectly catty. 
Let's be real folks: The Bachelor is sad! Any woman who is going on that show is trying to become a reality tv star. Do I think some women really want to fall in love? Yes. But I think that's a perk to the show, I don't think anyone really goes on thinking they will live happily ever after with this person. Everyone makes fun of these shows and the success rate is terrible. Soooo, yeah. 

I wanted to know what was so controversial about this Bachelor (besides his off-show comments, obv) and I just really didn't see it. Also, he is Venezuelan so I was like, heyyy baby.

Ok, I thought it was annoying how he constantly used Camila as an excuse and I thought it was ridiculous what he said to Claire after their little jaunt in the ocean .... but why did she stay? It's hard for me to feel sympathetic towards someone who was so offended by someone but still stuck with it till the end and only when he said he wasn't going to propose to her, then she has a total change of heart towards him. I would THINK that these women would be happy that he told them all of these things to their faces and they didn't hear about it for the first time while watching the show though. I mean, that's just me. But if he had only said to the camera - Shit, I shouldn't have done that - and then Claire saw that, wouldn't she have been more upset? Or is that just me?

But, while we're still on Claire, can we talk about this?

I obviously loved Sharleen and Andi. I have never watched these shows before but I don't THINK it's normal for contestants to decide -- I don't like you. I just think that is so much more realistic than all these other women who are cryinggg cryinggg, especially after like a couple weeks and no single date! How can you be this upset??? 

I definitely thought the women on the "women tell all" special were sour grapes, I guess that's to be expected, but it's annoying to me. The only women who can say anything are Sharleen, Andi, and Claire because they're the only women who said these things during the show. Don't act like your life is over because you got kicked off this show and then a few months later be like, "Oh yeah he was the worst."
Also, I do think that the fact that he was not raised in this country and the fact that English is not his first language IS significant. First of all, he lives in Miami, and anyone who has been to Miami knows that you can straight up speak Spanish 100% of the time. Secondly, and more importantly, other countries do not have the same political correctness ideology that we have here. I'm not making excuses but I think it's really unrealistic to expect people who were raised in different cultures to adhere to our ideas about what's appropriate in certain contexts. Do I think JP could have been more diplomatic in how he handled certain situations, obviously. But as a second-language speaker myself, it's not always easy and ESPECIALLY if you are in situations where you are nervous/anxious/upset do you have any idea how much more difficult it becomes to express yourself? 

I'm not willing to say that it's because he's Latino because my experience with people from all over the world tells me that WE are the ones that are the minority here! My stepdad is from England and the stuff he used to say to me and my sister would make us mad at him for a week! His mom used to make comments all the time about my mom's weight like that was normal and appropriate. I was in Turkey this summer and the first thing our Turkish captain asked one of the girls on the trip was "What part of Africa [she] was from?" (She was Black). Obviously, my mouth dropped at this comment but the girl (from England) just laughed it off. I don't really know what the right way is, but I do know that people's INTENTIONS matter so much more than their words. If someone's intentions are malicious, then that's one thing, but if not then I think that does really matter.

I also think it is really admirable that JP didn't just propose to Nikki because that's what the show expected of him. Someone who is a regular watcher, tell me, does it ALWAYS end in a proposal?? That just seems so crazy to me! And honestly, I do think JP would have proposed if Sharleen had stayed. He did talk about wanting to get engaged and his future wife and blahbittyblah but I feel like that was all before Sharleen left. So yeah, maybe if in his mind he's thinking "Sharleen is the one" and then she leaves halfway through he just wasn't ready to propose to Nikki. I also think it's ridiculous to become engaged after two months when the total time spent together was what? 1 week? And during all that time that person was dating a million other girls? 
 this girl. smh.

But yeah, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir. 

Anyways, I thought it was an interesting season. I liked JP. I think he is human and makes mistakes. I also think people are being really harsh about Nikki ... she didn't strike me as someone who was a pushover .. I just think the ending was probably the most realistic ending of all the seasons. 

And now that I've spent an outrageous amount of time on discussing The Bachelor, I'm out to enjoy my last night of spring break!!

Gettin' Ish Done

March 13, 2014

remember when saying "ish" was a thing?

yeah, me either.

anyways, this week is my spring break (have I mentioned?) and for the first time in forever (i LOVE that song off Frozen, way better than Let it Go!) I haven't gone somewhere. I was considering going to NYC - Sunday is Felipe's bday and I'm obviously so sad that I can't be there for it - but a ticket from Tally to NYC is only a mere $700 (!!! what the actual fuuuuu). I also decided not to go to Tampa because it's a four-hour drive and I just do not feel like driving home.

The good news is I've had a bunch of stuff on my "to-do" list for literally months, that I have just not be able to get around to and so I decided now is the time! As far as I can tell, bloggers LOVE to-do lists. I don't know if I'm just doing life wrong or what, but I am terrible at them. I have the same stuff on my to-do lists week after week.

For example, the past several weeks the following things have been there:
- Pay off tuition (I owe an additional $800 for some reason my fin aid didn't cover ... so I had to pay it.. but seriously, how long does this take? No reason to wait)
- Bar application notarized (since Jan 21 lol this has been on my list)
- Mail Bar app
- Send in passport renewal (just tried to work on this earlier in the week and realized I don't know where my passport is! -_-)
- Change oil
- Do taxes
- Change car plates (I still have NY plates and I'm supposed to have FL plates as of like September 2013)

That's just the "big" stuff, then, of course there is all sorts of other little stuff - clean out car, clean apartment, etc. etc.

Well, apparently you need a certified copy of your birth certificate ... nothing is ever simple!! So I went to the Health Department this morning to get one, and then I was like, heyy lemme get two copies so I can do this passport shiz too. So I did. And then I went and applied for a new passport -- did you always have to go to a place to do that? I feel like when I got it 10 years ago (ohmygawwwww) I just mailed stuff in. And then I went to mail my bar application. I got my oil changed yesterday and paid off my tuition!!

All that's left is to do my taxes (WHICH I'M DREADING!!) and change my car plates.

Wow, the longest post about a to-do list that absolutely no one cares about but meeee, but I am feeling pretty awesome that I don't have to re-write these things for the next week! All I have to worry about is school (all I ever worry about...)

How To Make Your Legs Feel Like They Were Beat With A Bat! (and other stories)

March 10, 2014

Happy Monday, y'all! 

And it IS happy for me because I'm on Spring Break! What, what! I mean, it's not spring break like it was in undergrad, or even as a teacher, because this spring break I'm just so excited to be able to catch up on all my school work, and outline for finals and hopefully finish my brief. So, in other words, I'm working all week but at least going to class won't get in the way!

I had a pretty good weekend. 

Friday night I had to stay in to finish these practice exam questions for my Contracts class. OK, I didn't HAVE to do them but my professor was gone for almost two weeks (he was working on something in Greece) and he said if we did them and sent them to him by midnight on Friday (you can see I'm such a diligent student) he would read them and send back comments embedded in our word doc. This is pretty amazing because law profs NEVER grade the practice problems they give you -- it would just be too much work for them. It took over a month to get my grades back from my finals last semester so of course they don't want to deal with that stuff during the semester. 
Saturday morning I went to do another stadium workout with Amanda and Sophie. These girls are nuts (in a good way!) and way better at working out than me so it's good to work out with them. This time I tried to actually run up the stadium steps a few times (last time I just walked) and my calves are not happy with me because of that. 
Saturday night we went to dinner at this pizza place -- it was my second time and I decided I don't like it. I mean, maybe I'm a pizza snob after living in NYC, but this is like a "fancy" pizza place that supposedly has wood-oven pizza...but the crust is never crunchy. 
Then we went to a new bar that just opened next door. It just seemed unfinished to me. There were a lot of people there probably because it just opened, but I wouldn't necessarily want to go back. I don't like "bars" where I'm sitting down at a table and there's no music or nothing to do. I need music, darts, bar jenga, pool, something! Even if I'm not playing the games, someone is. 

Yesterday I woke up with a little hangover and very sore legs but I decided it was so nice out I HAD to go running. My goal was to break a 10:00/mile. Usually I can't do it and I think it's because in my head I usually go for distance, not speed. This time I told myself it was OK if I had to walk after running as hard as I could for the mile. I have a nike tomtom watch and it will show me my "pace" as I'm going and it got down to like 8:50. I was like, holy shit! I'm gonna run this in sub-9:00/mile. But alas, baby steps. I did my first mile in 9:08!! I was so happy! I think on Sundays I'm gonna work on "speed training" because I really do want to get faster! 

I did 4 miles total and then later in the day I went and walked some trails with Amanda and Lola. Another 2.5 miles! So then I decided I deserved Chipotle and I watched Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, and Revenge
sunset from chipotle parking lot. haha
- OUAT: Why do Neal & Hook get sent back with everyone else in the curse? They weren't brought there by the curse so it doesn't make sense that they would go back. Why wouldn't they have just crossed the line out of storybrook with Emma and Henry?
- Totally called that Walsh (what kind of name is that?) was a creep. 
- An otherwise blah episode that I've come to expect from OUAT where nothing really happens but you just keep watching, thinking maybe next time something will, and then they save it all for the season finale

- Resurrection: I don't know where they're going with this show and I definitely don't think it can be a multi-season show. 

- Revenge: HOW POINTLESS was the Victoria - Jimmy - Patrick thing????!! They just wanted a way to fill an episode with another "revenge" without having to flesh-out Emily's storyline. I will keep watching this show because I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) Aiden and Nolan, but I think it's so stupid!! Television viewers do not want to CONSTANTLY experience a "not again!" moment when watching a show! We want closure and we want the story to MOVE.FORWARD. I would have been totally happy if Emily's plan to frame Victoria had gone through, and then she showed up at her jail cell or sent her  a letter and was like, BTW - I'm David Clark's daughter. IN YO FACE. 
- UGH. But i'll keep watching. I literally cannot quit shows. (exception: Heroes).

A Day in the Life

March 7, 2014

So I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I think those 'day in a life' thangs are pretty fun so I just decided to do it myself based on no prompting from anyone and under no indication that anyone besides me careeess!

I didn't have to be at school until 11:00 yesterday so I got a later start than normal. Usually I wake up between 7-8, yesterday I woke up at 8:00 and didn't really get up till 9:00 so that's when I started. I just took one picture per hour... I mean, I don't know why I'm explaining this because it's pretty self-explanatory!! 
 wake up, read

 rainy day on the way to class

 yes, i sit in the front row #nerdalert

 notice the notebook is still out #lawschoolprobs

 my biggest, and most painful class

 i'm also in the front row in this class

I go to publix at least twice a week -- is that normal?
 get home, read

yay, time to read blogs
 walked across the street to be a witness for something amanda was notarizing ... kept my hood on the whole time

they fed me! :) 

best part of my day!! 

am i the only one who never quits shows? 

Why You Left Teaching

March 6, 2014

Ok, not you reading this, but this is a letter to me, to remind me why I left teaching. 
 from actually one of my most favorite days of teaching..notice, no kids.

I don't regret making the decision to go to law school one bit - as much as I complain about reading and being stressed (which I don't actually think is that much), I really like it, I think it's interesting, and the only reason I complain is when it's frustrating that I don't understand something I think I should (cough - leg reg - cough). 

Anyways, I was a teacher for six years and sometimes I think I miss it, but I know I was really miserable. There were definitely parts of teaching I really loved -- e.g. designing curriculum and planning innovative lesson, the problem was that for me at least, they always flopped. That's the problem with teaching a subject noone wants to take (I'm convinced people aren't interested in learning a foreign language until they're in their 20s) and yet they are forced to take even as it is disguised as an elective. I think Bonnie from Life of Bon is probably the most popular blog I have read from someone who teaches High School and also blogs honestly about it, but even reading her blog a lot of things stick out as totally different. For reference, I taught in NYC, then in Westchester and they are always trying to be on the forefront of the ever-changing Education Revolution. 
A couple of things to know about me
- I taught Spanish. 
- I am a BIG believer in project-based assessments (instead of quizzes/tests I graded students on multi-step projects)
- In my first school I taught the entire GRADES of Spanish -- most High School teachers have 1 or 2 preps a day (they are preparing for 1 or 2 different classes per day - i.e. 9th Grade English and AP English) so that means they plan 5-10 lessons a week. Last year specifically I taught 4 different preps PER DAY which meant I prepped 20 lessons per week.  The year before that I taught 9th & 10th grade Spanish, and AP Spanish and within my 9th & 10th I differentiated for native and non-native speakers which meant I taught 25 lessons per week.

So without further ado, what I really think about teaching:

#1 - Be innovative -- but do it the way we want. 
 desks were only like this because it was Regents week. Otherwise, NOT ALLOWED!

- It was literally NOT ALLOWED to have the desks in single-file rows in my first school (this is why whenever I see pictures from Bonnie's classroom I'm like, omg I can't believe she's allowed to have her desks like that!) and even to put them into pairs frowned upon (they wanted them in groups...collaborative learning! Who cares if this means its impossible for you to get control because they're all talking to each other ... unless you're a teacher we want to suck up to...then it's OK)
- In my second school, they thought student-based learning meant a powerpoint and worksheet ... which basically went against EVERYTHING I believed in as a language teacher. 
- ^^ This was also problematic in my second school because all of the teachers I worked with (although they were so nice) were so old school, focusing on grammar (even when they didn't think they were focusing on grammar) and all of the reasons why you hear so many people say "I took Spanish for 4 years... I don't remember anything."

#2 - Administrators ARE THE WORST
I'm not sure what happens to teachers when they become administrators (if they were ever even a teacher to begin with), but they do all the things to teachers that they tell teachers not to do to students. 
       (a) Make sure class is engaging, don't just lecture. 
              -- then you go to a staff meeting where all the administrator does is lecture at you. 
       (b) Always start with a few positives, then a negative when speaking to students/parents
          -- then you have an observation and they only tell you negative things. (& lest you think "maybe Kim was just a crappy teacher who deserved bad feedback" .. my mentor last year who was so great and had been teaching for 25+ years, they observed her and the feedback they gave her was that ALL THE BLINDS ON HER WINDOWS SHOULD BE AT THE SAME HEIGHT ... SERIOUSLY! they couldn't just say, wow ... great lesson... nope, had to say something negative).  
# 3. It is always the teacher's fault
At least that's the message I got. 
From parents - it's YOUR fault my kid is doing poorly. Not the kid's fault for never asking a question in class, never staying after school, never completing homework or doing a project ... nope, it's your fault.... It's not MY fault that I didn't check to make sure my kid was doing his homework, or call you when I got the progress report grade or made sure he stayed after school.
From administrators - if you have an 80% pass rate they will leave a message in your inbox asking "What can I do to support you"... Well, you could support me by disciplining students when they act up in class, and by not encouraging me to change my grades so that it doesn't reflect poorly on your school score.

#4. The sheer amount of  work. 
 grading, grading, everywhere!!
- Lesson planning
- Grading papers
- Emailing parents
- MEETINGS (the fucking meetings! what the hell!) 
- Cleaning classroom
- Making copies
- Professional development (I spent a lot of time on professional websites like edmodo and in education twitter chats and reading blogs trying to become a better teacher, especially when I was the entire language department at my first school). 
- Learning the material! (I taught AP Spanish my fifth year and it was sprung on me TWO WEEKS BEFORE the year started -- on top of 9th and 10th grade Spanish -- so I had to do all the reading for the AP Spanish course basically as I was teaching it). 

I stand firm in my conviction that in any other job you would have a secretary/assistant to help with all the bullshit and at least in other countries they allot a LOT more time for doing all this stuff. In my first school I had approximately 1:50 to do all of that stuff that was included in the school day, so think twice before you say teachers get off so early -- even if they go home, they're probably still working.

#5. The amount of work you put in doesn't necessarily pay off -- at all. 
I cannot explain how many times I spent HOURS (literally HOURS) planning amazing lessons (toot, toot) only to go into class and have all the kids whine that they didn't want to do it, and then have a day I went in and just conjugated verbs on the board and made them take notes they'd be like, yeah today was better. Which left me to question why did I bother spending so much time if my students were not going to spend the same time.
This is 100% an example of how education is failing our students -- they just want to do the ROTE memorization and note-taking stuff and complete a worksheet because they can do that and there is no apprehension of failure. Unfortunately, in LIFE, you FAIL sometimes. How many people learn a language without fucking up all.the.damn.time. I tried to drill this into their head, but unfortunately I knew they weren't going to have me a teacher the next year and not everyone is as progressive as me when it comes to language learning (too bad because noone gives a flying fuck if you conjugate the verb correctly in the preterite tense when you're speaking to them ... at least in my opinion). 
#6. You always have to be "on"
Long gone are the days when a teacher could show a movie in class before a break or just because the kids deserved a break .. the FEAR of showing a movie and having an administrator walk in on you .. too much. 
You have a day where you don't feel like talking to anyone? Too bad. 
Feeling down? No one cares. 
Death cramps? Suck it up. 
Your dog died? Step into the hallway to cry. 
Your boyfriend didn't come home? Check your phone in between classes. 
Now that I've written the longest essay in the world about why teaching sucksss
Why do I miss teaching?
#1 - It was never boring. I never had ONE day in 1,080 days of teaching where I was sitting around like, man, I wish I had something to do
#2 - Teenagers are funny. (but they can also be cruel)
#3 - Vacays -- sorry, not sorry. Most teachers don't become teachers for the vacation time, but find me one who says she doesn't love it and I'll eat my foot. 

Anddd that's pretty much it. So, I think I made the right decision? 

Amen and adios!

Staying motivated to workout

March 5, 2014

If you have any nike app for running (I use the tomtom watch, but used to just use the app) it gives you little "awards" when you log onto the website. 

I was very excited today when my runs (I didn't run twice, just had to stop and start my watch b/c it was malfunctioning) uploaded and this came up: 

I mean, granted, I can't actually imagine a month of the year that I didn't exercise in the past however many years ... but some of those months were definitely just one or two times a month, but still, it gave me a little pep in my step. I haven't run since my half-marathon on Sunday, Feb 23 and I felt like I better effin' get back into it because I ran 5 times a week without fail from Jan 19 - Feb 23 and I don't want to lose that momentum.

I set a goal on Nike to run 5x week for the next 6 weeks (Nike "recommends" 6x a week -- what??) which is really ambitious but also, not crazy! And really it just counts down from 30 so one week if I'm feel ambitious I can run 6 or 7 days. Also, there is no length requirement so if all else fails I will resort to the good ol' #mileaday.

Another goal is just for that little "shield" to light up at the end of the year to tell me I was active every month of the year!

What helps you stay motivated?

Theray Sesh

March 4, 2014


So crazy that I feel like I have so much time this week. It's because one of my profs is in Greece at some convention so it's like I only have four classes this week! yay!
I love my new blog design! I know, I know I said I was going to do it myself but then...law school. Kalyn from Geez, Louise Design (& blog!) did it and she was great, and really patient when I was being really nitpicky about stuff. And super-inexpensive! Check her out if you are looking to spruce things up!

Yesterday I went to my first therapy session, ever. Why? Well, back in January I was having what I was convinced were night panic attacks (and my attacks I mean attack) and since I had already gone to all the regular doc offices and everything was OK, I figured it was time to check my brain out.
This is the issue with Dr.'s offices that it is now MARCH and I'm meeting with my therapist for the first time. 

Honestly, I feel kind of guilty about it, like, there's nothing wrong with me, I shouldn't even be here wasting your time. I feel really well-adjusted, I have many friends, I get plenty of sleep, I am a good student and I have goals for myself. 

BUT, I sometimes suffer from intense anxiety -- esp. regarding flying (wine usually helps) or constantly assuming people have died (morbid, eh?). So, she asked me what I wanted to get out of therapy and I hope that I can get over those two anxieties. 

It was really weird to just talk about myself for an hour and a half! I really liked my therapist, I think she was my age, and she went to Columbia so we have that in common .. like, I wanted to ask her about herself too... because it felt like I was talking to a friend (? is that cheesy? lol) but then I was like, I don't think you're supposed to ask your therapist questions about themselves... sooo, I refrained. 
Speaking of therapy, can we take a moment to discuss how your facebook status is NOT your therapist? I mean, part of me sits back and is like, ohhh my, what's going on here, but long story short - A "friend" posted 10 quote-pictures about cheating, tagged her husband in it, and then said something about how can someone who you trusted so much treat you this way. She has continued to post things along that line in the following days. I mean, she hasn't come out and said, "He cheated on me!" But it's obvious. 
Why do people do that? 
Ok, I get why people do it. You want to embarrass him and hurt him because he embarrassed and hurt you. But, here's the thing: you just put it out for all of facebook to see. So what happens if you decide you want to work things out? This is what cracks me up because then come the inevitable statuses about how it's "noone's business" what's going on in your life. But you made it everyone's business when you put it up for the world to see. 
So yeah, I don't get it. 
One time a friend posted that she had just walked in on her boyfriend of five years having sex with a waitress he brought home from Wing House (another Hooters-like chain if you've never heard of it). Everyone went crazy commenting on this, blah blah blah, and then she deleted facebook for awhile, then came back and they're still together and everything is fine. Just, BIZARRE!
Ok, well, there's a long post about that. Have you ever gone to therapy?  Did it help you?
Glossy Blonde

I tried and I failed.

March 3, 2014

So, last week I tried out for my school's Mock Trial team. It is honestly the only thing I knew I really wanted to do before even coming to law school.

Well, if you haven't figured it out yet by the title of this post, I was not successful.

Now, I'm gonna go on a long rant about why the whole process is unfair and flawed. If you like reading whiny posts, then you've come to the right place!

#1. There were almost 100 people trying out. They take 20 people tops. Maybe 15-18 1L students (first year, like me) and 2-5 2L students (second year, mostly this is to give an opportunity to students who transfer in).

#2. None of the 1Ls take any classes that have anything to do with trials -- which means everything we know is from watching Law & Order and Legally Blonde. Except

#3. The huge chunk of 1Ls who did Mock Trial in undergrad, took Mock Trial classes in the past and/or whose parents are attorneys (including one girl whose father was actually one of the judges)

#4. You try out over 3 days. The first day is an opening statement, second day is cross examination, third day is closing. They do the cut after the second day. Why not do it after the first day for those of us who aren't going to make it to save us from the many hours of work they we devote to it when free time is already lacking so much in law school

#5. I tried out because I REALLY really want to do Trial Work. Okay, so you picked the people who are already the best to make them even better, but what about the people who really want to learn and get better? Why can't it be like a sports team and you just have a "bench" -- you don't have to send me to competitions around the country, but you could let people who really want to learn to come participate.

So yeah, I'm bitter.But also, sad.

I stepped outside my comfort zone just like Pinterest told me to, but I realized that Pinterest doesn't tell you what happens after you step out of your comfort zone. We all just assume it'll be great, but that is not always the case. Then I looked up "failure" on pinterest so I could find snarky quotes, but unfortunately all I did was find quotes that made me feel better. Jerky pinterest.

 I'm not usually the biggest fan of MM quotes, because I don't necessarily believe a Playboy model who had an affair with the President is the #1 lady I should be taking advice from, butttttt, this one really spoke to me because that's my problem. I fail once and then I get really down on myself, think I'm not good enough and I don't want to try again. Soooo, gonna try to fix that.

Tell me a story about a time you failed but then in the end everything turned out okay, to cheer me up? Please? (I mean, I know how everyone who lives in BlogLand is living the perfect life, but make an exception for moi?).

Happy Monday!

(& it is happy for me b/c my only class is cancelled! :D)

Saturday Stadium Workout

March 2, 2014


What's worse than a Sunday hangover?

I'm not much of a drinker, but yesterday I was out drinking from about noon (brunch) until 10:30pm. I mean, I love day drinking as much as the next person, but that's so I can get home by 7 and be in bed by 8. Amiright?

But, before all that, I went with Amanda & Sophie to the stadium to do a "stadium workout." I didn't really know what to expect, but as a former Lost addict I assumed it meant we would run (and I would walk) up and down all the sections of the stadium.

What I didn't realize was that there were these sick things you could download from the internet called "stadium workouts" and there are all sorts of torture components .. not JUST the up and down in the stadium! 

What I should also mention is that Amanda and Sophie are both SUPER in shape and yes, I did just run a half marathon last weekend, but (and I hate to say it) running isn't really that hard of a workout once you get to the point where you can run a long distance. Anyways, so they are both super in shape which meant I had like two personal trainers but which also meant I couldn't slack! I couldn't find the sensor for my HR monitor, but Amanda burned 600+ calories so I probably burned at least 1000. 

So, this workout consisted of running, lunging, planking, push upping, mountain climbing, stadium running, tricep dipping, wall sitting, squatting and more running. Wow, even just typing that out makes my legs ache. And yes, today my legs feel like someone beat them with a baseball bat yesterday. Isn't that a great feeling?? 

So, I feel confident saying I've got this whole working out thing down. I've been working out consistently since Mid-January...now for the hard part: EATING RIGHT. 

However many times I've done it, I just always slip back down. To be honest, I don't even think I eat that unhealthily ... I've been the same weight for about three years (give or take 5 pounds) ... so all I have to do is lose 30 pounds, and then I can eat however I eat now and maintain that weight. Right?

So, uhh, give me some tips on how to stay full while eating delicious food and still being healthy. K? thanks! 
Venus Trapped in Mars

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