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Toughin it Out for the First Time

April 29, 2014

Hey yall!
So, I've decided to link up with Allie & Kay for Tough it Out Tuesdays. I figured what better to get back into a blogging groove than to start doing link-ups. I know, I know, doing a link up a day is pretty lame but I can't think my own thoughts right now and I'd like to think of these link ups as little writing prompts.
So, Tough it Out. It's no secret that I've been trying wanting to lose weight for YEARS now. ONE time I was really successful and lost almost 30 pounds but then I gained it all back. Basically what happened was that I plateau-ed and instead of being like, OK I guess I need to work out harder or just be happy with this weight, I just allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted, and NOT work out and then surprise, surprise, I gained it all back. 

The good news is I'm tall (5'10'') so I can actually eat a LOT and just maintain my weight. The bad news is that means that I had to have eaten SO MUCH in order to gain this weight. 

I don't know what to do. Weight watchers worked for me last time, but this time I'm just SO not into tracking. I have the app and paid for three months but NEVER use it. My bright idea was that I would just cut carbs and eat salads. But how boring is it to eat salads day in and day out? 

The other part: working out - I'm usually pretty good at. Unfortunately I hurt my ankle in February (yes, February) and I continued to run on it, but now it's at the point where if I go running my ankle is sore for 3-4 days afterwards to the point that I am limping. The good news is that I have a doctor's appt today with a foot and ankle specialist so hopefully he'll tell me something. My biggest fear is always that I'll go and they'll be like- you're crazy, there's nothing wrong with you. Sooo, there's that. 

Anyways, not really sure where I'm going with this post other than to say this: 
I KNOW I can do it (I've done it before) 
Hopefully if I commit to this link-up and being inspired by this group of ladies who post once a week about their own journeys, I will start to be more accountable! Here's hoping at least!

The Best Of Intentions

Life Lately

April 28, 2014

I miss blogging on the reg... but the problem is that I have no room left in my brain to have anything intelligent or interesting to blog about. 
It's Monday though, so that's a pretty easy blog post, right? My weekend?
Well. . . the weekend life of a law student during finals week. 
I have my constitutional law final today from 1-5. Then Contracts on Thursday, then Legislation & Regulation (kill me!) on Monday, then Criminal Law on next Thursday.

The good news is that all of my finals are 1-5, the bad news is that I have four finals. One thing at a time, one thing at a time.

But, one thing that has been SO AWESOME this past week is that Felipe is now living in Florida with me!! WHOOOOOO!!

I obviously knew it would be awesome when Felipe moved down but I didn't realize even just little things that are great. For example, one of my favorite things to cook is buffalo chicken in the crockpot, but the problem is that it makes SO MUCH and I have leftovers for a week. Felipe's here - leftovers for one day. Perfect!

He also has just been such an amazing help to me this past week as far as helping cook, clean, etc. I feel bad because he's definitely doing more housework than me but hopefully I'll make up for it after finals! (We'll see, I'm notoriously bad at chores!)

His job is letting him work remotely from Florida, so that is really great. We went on a walk the other night around the neighborhood, went to dinner on Friday, watched This is 40 on Saturday and went to lunch with A&R yesterday. And that has been my wild weekend. You know I'm busy when I only take TWO PICTURES during the entire week!

 Studying @ Panera ... I accidentally got back on the sauce! (I quit soda on Jan 19 -- but this past week I drank it TWICE!!)


So anyways, that's about all that's going on in my life.

I'm taking summer classes and doing an externship and unfortunately that starts the MONDAY right after exams finish. #norestfortheweary.

Broken Ankles & So What if I exaggerate

April 22, 2014

friends with beachhouses. #donthateit
So, it's finals time again, which means I will undoubtedly start blogging a little bit more (yay, procrastination!)

I just want to take a second to whine though. 

I'm trying really hard to be healthy/work out/all that jazz because, I just FEEL BETTER when I do. Last week I cut carbs out so much and basically consisted on fruits/veggies/tuna. It was great. My ankle has been bothering me since the day before my half-marathon (in February) when I slipped on some weird little ball while running. It wasn't a ball, it was something that fell from trees, I don't know what they are - giant seeds? Anyways, I stepped on it (purposely -_-) when I was running because I thought I would crush it, but instead it rolled...yanno, like a ball, and it caused me to land SO HARD on my heel/ankle and it hurt like a mother. Soo, what did I do? Kept running, o'course. Then I ran a half marathon. I have lost all my running endurance since then because every time i went running my ankle would hurt. Not terribly, but just enough to make it uncomfortable and just enough to make me not want to do it. But, the last two times I went, it really was like I broke it for 3-4 days afterwards. It hurts SO bad and I am literally limping. I went to my friend's beach house this past weekend and she was like, let's go for a walk on the beach! And we're all like, yeah! And then I could barely walk because my heel was sinking into the sand and when I'd have to lift it up it was so painful. It also hurts really bad when I walk up/down stairs. So, awesome. 

like really unnaturally cold in florida this past weekend. had to discover other non-beach activities.

I'm going to the dr. tmrw. WHY do they make everything so complicated? I have to go the regular doctor to get a referall for an orthopedist. -_-. Just fix me, dammit!

Anyways, it's just annoying because I feel like I always get on a roll and then something happens and I just give up. I mean, I don't want to hurt myself so I'm not really sure what else I could be doing re: exercise, but I could definitely be doing better with eating!!!

But, blah blah, tired of hearing myself talk about the same stuff. 

The exciting news is that Felipe is here and YAYAYAYYA, I'm so happy! 
The sad news is that FINALS. 

Everyone's finals stress is the worst. I try not to let it affect me - especially because last semester I was like OMG I'm the dumbest person alive bc I'm not worried about this like everyone else, and then I did really well. But this time I'm afraid I'm not worried enough.

Also, I just want to be a giant bitch here for a second. Everyone's like, whoo! You did it ! Survived your 1L year of law school. I mean, BIG DEAL. I don't know, I'm such an old lady snob, but it's like - you survived going to class and taking 3 finals so far. That's literally what you survived. Because, right now, as a 1L student, I have literally only taken three finals, turned in 1 memo and 1 brief -- since August. (I also did other stuff but that's because I'm on a journal.) Now, I'm definitely gonna be pizzummpeedd (bringing back the random "zzzz"s into words) when my last FINAL is over Yes, then I might be turnt up (turned up? turn up? #oldladyprobs). 


April 21, 2014

After almost EIGHT months of living 1000 miles apart, 
Felipe is moving from NYC to Tallahassee today!!

The only good thing about doing long distance is how excited you are to see your significant other (it's been 2 months since I saw Felipe in person!) The only thing I can compare it to is Christmas morning as a 5 year old or the last day of school before summer as a teacher! haha!


That time I set my hair on fiii-yahhhh

April 7, 2014

(I'm going to shift the focus of this blog to telling stories about my past/current/future travels because literally the only other thing goin' on in my life is LAW SCHOOL, all day, errry day)
Once upon a time, in the summer of 2011 (August 2011, to be exact), I went on a trip for about three weeks. We started with six days in London and then did a Contiki tour hitting up 9 countries after that (I believe it was Contiki Magic). 
It was a really awesome trip, but NONSTOP, except for the six days we spent in London prior to the trip. One of the things we did in London was a bike tour. Everyone recommended Fat Tire tours and they were right! I loved it!  I mean, anytime your bike tour stops at a pub for a beer... it's a winner! 

Sidenote: before this trip I had never really had any desire to go to London (or England). I prefer travelling to places that I think are "exotic." Or, I should say, I *used to* prefer that. I'm trying not to be such a travel snob anymore. Especially because I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVED London and I would LOVE to go back!!! #publifeforme

Anyways, I'm digressing. We became friends with our tour guide and he was like, oh yah I'm in a band y'all (he didn't say ya'll) should come see us perform. It was my sister + her friend's last night in town before they went back to America and Steph + I went with Contiki. Obvs, it's way more fun to do stuff that is non-touristy when you have an opportunity so we did. 

We found the place but we decided to go to this other little bar first. Downstairs there was a band playing. There was also a little shelf on the wall that had little baby tea candles. I thought to myself, "Self, don't walk into those candles." (see where this is going? ... if not, refer back to the subject). A little while, and a few beers later, the band started again and Steph was trying to hold her camera up to take a pic. I backed up because I wanted to look at her screen to see what she was taking a picture of. I ran into the wall and then I just decided I'd lean against it (#lazelife). 

I should mention that I was wearing some sort of like jacket thing. (I say jacket thing bc it was from forever 21 so you're with me on the quality, right?)
 so, you get the picture. 

Anyways, I'm leaning against this wall and this is the way my thought process goes. 

"Hmm. Smells like laser hair removal....my back feels kinda warm...shit ohmygod candle..." I move off of the wall, SEE smoke, smell smoke, and pull my hair like it's in a pony tail and the bottom of my hair is just like SINGED ash. There is literally smoke around me. People are like what the fucckkk. Stephanie is like "KIM OHMYGOD", we're both laughing and freaking out. The smell, ohhh the smell. If you've never smelled burning hair, you are a lucky lucky person. If you've ever had laser hair removal you are semi-aware of the smell but probably in that situation the hair is small and here this was full on like the bottom part of my hair. LUCKILY, I have really thick hair so I don't think it was ever really noticeable. hahahha. 

And that is the story of how I set my hair on fire in a bar in London. (For the record, I ALWAYS blow candles out when I go out now, even if it's just on the table at dinner!)

P.S. - the tour guide's band was really good, I had a lot of fun, and we ended the night drinking beers on a random stoop in the middle of london. 

 Have you ever set a body part on fire? Or something equally as insane?

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