we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us


Hey y'all!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Kim, and I like to wander (no, my last name is not wanders!) and that's where the name for this ol' blog came about!

I'm originally from the Tampa Bay area (Florida) and I graduated with my BA in Spanish from Florida State University in 2006. In 2007, I was accepted to the New York City Teaching Fellows as a Spanish teacher and assigned to da boogie down Bronx. I received my MA in Spanish from Lehman College and taught in the South Bronx for five years. Mostly ninth graders. To answer your question: It was never boring.

I also taught in a richie-rich suburb of NYC for one year after that, mostly because I wanted to make sure that I had more than just one teaching experience before I decided to leave teaching. Turns out, teaching is not for me. It might've been different if I hadn't taught Spanish or hadn't taught high-schoolers, but the public education system is effed up in this country and foreign language teachers/music/arts/PE teachers really get the short end of the stick and it's a shame because isn't that the stuff we value most as adults? /tangent

After teaching I went to law school at FSU, graduated, and now work in the great state of Florida as a real-live attorney!

I married this NY City Boy in Jan 2016, after he left "the greatest city on earth" to move to Tallahassee with me! I taught him how to drive (that'll test anyone's relationship!). He proposed in December 2014 (with a Harry Potter book! #theunbreakablevow 😍). And we were married a little bit over a year later in January!

I am using this blog to keep track of all our travels -- both abroad and at home. I love reading what I call "old-style" blogs, i.e., actually an online blog about your life. Not interested in blogs about how to blog or how to get followers, so if you fall in the former and not the latter, let me know!

Also, always accepting travel recommendations!


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