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Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

December 18, 2013

Yesterday I made the trip over to O-town to go to Universal with a my friend, Katie, who was down from NYC. 

It was the BEST amusement park day! 

We wanted to go to both parks so I just bought the year-long pass because it was only $50 more so I was like, as long as I go back one more time, I'll be golden!

We went to Islands of Adventure first. 

Also they had a train conductor man standing by the train taking pics with people - never seen that before. He asked me if I was a Weasley... so I love him. 

To be honest, IoA is not really my jam because I don't like roller coasters. 

Then we headed over to the original US and I hadn't been there in legit 10 years (at least) and I liked it a lot better. lol. 

Overall a great day at the park! It was tainted a little bit because I was on antibiotics that made me very sensitive to sun so I had to wear a hat and 110 SPF and I also was overly concerned about tendonitis which is a side effect of the antibiotic that affects 60 + year olds...so of course I'd be worried ;)

Bon Voyage, 

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  1. It looks fabulous all trussed up for Christmas. I visited in October for the first time, and think it's fair to say I was bitten by the bug and want to go back!


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