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downtown disney weekend

June 19, 2014

Is Thursday too late to publish a post about the previous weekend? Let's go with nooo because blogger effed up when I was doing this Sunday night and then it would not let me write a post or get back to edit this one until today! So, without further adieu . . . 
I had the best weekend!
i have been so overwhelmed the past few weeks with working + summer classes and just so much going on, so I was looking forward to heading down to orlando, but also it's annoying to have to drive 4 hours, but, whatever. 
we left here around 330 on friday and got down there at 8 (including a stop for food!). we stayed at the buena vista palace and it was close enough to walk to downtown disney -- where I haven't been for YEARS. 
it's fun because when you walk in you can buy a ($7!!!) beer and walk around with it. 
We went to Splitsville to bowl and I made Felipe buy this water bottle because I really wanted it but, let's face it, I ain't 22 anymore and I just cannot deal with fruity frozen liquor drinks . . . lucky for me, my BF can! :)

 I forgot socks (we didn't plan on bowling!) so I had to buy some there. Lucky for me -- only $6 for a pair of socks! At least I was representin' U-S-A!
 He loves me even though he hates the headband :)
 At the Irish pub in downtown Disney. Just ask expensive as Dublin, but smaller glasses -_-

 The view from our hotel room on Saturday. Thanks Orlando for the beautiful weather!
 We went to Medieval Times for my bestie + her fiancĂ©'s bday. One word of advice: bring your own plastic cutlery if, like me, you are totally horrified about eating with your hands!

 I was *very* excited about this green goblet . . . which I paid $10 for and then left in the hotel bar later that night . . . and I DID realize before we got on the road, but the bar didn't open till later on a Sunday -_-.
Besties for 17 years and counting! 
  Oh, and doin the tall girl slouch with my boo Mr. Potato Head. 

A really great weekend, so nice to disconnect from all things school! Of course, I forgot my contact solution and I HATE SLEEPING IN MY CONTACTS so I didn't get any sleep Fri --> Sat night and then on Sat morning I woke up at 7am and went down to the in-hotel Disney store, and surprisingly, they had it. Thank yuhhh Jesus!

This weekend I'm going down to St. Pete Beach for my sister's friend's 30th bday celebration! Should be another fun one, then time to buckle down and study for finals! #whenwillitend

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