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Internet Reality v. REAL Reality

September 11, 2014

So, Monday, I got back from my second trip in two weeks to Miami.


If only. 

I have been flying down to Miami (okay, twice) for job interviews for next summer. (see previous post). But, I had an idea after looking at my IG feed that -- wouldn't a great post be about the difference between your internet reality and real reality??

For example

 What you see:
Da bomb dot com view from my balcony in my hotel room that was totally comped and upgraded and INCREDIBLE.

What you don't see:
The fact that I fly down on Sunday night, to return on Monday night. Hectic. I can't do any of my schoolwork/ extra curricular obligations because I'm such a nervous flyer that I can't concentrate in the airport or on the plane.

What you see: Amazing fucking view. 
What you don't see: No, okay, this is just rad. 

 What you see:
Same pic, but IG'ed.

What you don't see:
No, sorry, this view was just too incredible.

 What you see:
IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE view from the firm where I interviewed.

What you don't see:
When (ONE OF) the interviewer(s) asked me, "so, from teaching, to big law, that's a big change, why?" and I said, "Well, you know, I feel like the two are not mutually exclusive, and I can still contribute and give back to the community outside of work" and the attorney literally LAUGHED at me and said, "I just want you to understand what it's like to work here. You have NO free time to do anything. I've been trying to get through a book for a year, but I can't because my life is here."
 What you see:
Awesome hotel room. Incredible jacuzzi tub. Wiiiiinneee.

What you don't see:
I can NEVER get the temperature right. TOO hot, burned my skin off. OW.
 What you see:
INCREDIBLE Miami Beach. Fucking, GORGEOUS.

What you don't see:
The taxi driver dropped me off on "lincoln road", i didn't know where to go, so I just started wondering around -- this is after my taxi driver put the "a/c" on, which I'm pretty sure was just hell-fire blowng on me. I sweat entirely through my shirt before I got out of the cab (THIS IS NOT A JOKE! THE BACK OF MY SHIRT WAS A DIFFERENT COLOR!). When I stepped out of the cab, it felt COOLER than inside the cab (reference point: weather.com said that the "feels like" in miami beach was 100 fucking degrees, jus sayin) . . . I walked around, down to the beach, up lincoln road - for probably like an hour. I sweat SO MUCH that I thought I was going to faint. It was SO hot.
 What you see:
Hofbrauhaus München -- in Miami

What you don't see:
I was LITERALLY the only person in this bar. All the places on this road were so fancy I was afraid to stop, I finally went in here, because I LOVED the hofbrahaus in munich, but it was so awkward. 

 What you see:
Cool cocoon thing outside the pool at my hotel

What you don't see:
How exhausted, sweaty and hot I was while laying in there. This little cocoon was literally a life-saver, but damn if I didn't have an exhausting day leading up to it!

 What you see:
The outside of my "cocoon".

What you don't see:
Nothing. This is an accurate representation of where I was napping before the airport!
 What you see
View of Miami downtown/water. 

What you don't see
How tired & ready to be home I was!

So there you have it. A FEW of the differences between what you see and what is actually going on. I hate to complain about having interviews, because not many people get them (e.g., the recruiter told me they also invited back two other guys from my class -- so out of 167 people, they invited 3 people bck for interviews), but it is REALLY REALLY draining and exhausting and is basically like another job!

What does your internet persona show v. what's reality??? 


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