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Honeymoon Day 2: Bangkok

September 3, 2016

Our second day in Bangkok was our first (and only) full day in Bangkok! We were going on a tour around the city of the big temples. Luckily, this is where having the tour guide REALLY came in handy. I know Bangkok is a hub for travel bloggers and expats, and I definitely think it's navigable on your own, but if you only have one day in a destination, you don't want to be worrying about how to get to places (or maybe you're a masochist and into that sorta thing, who am i to judge?). 

Be prepared and forewarned that they ain't joking about the "covering yourself" thing. It was worse in Cambodia at Angkor Wat (more on that later), but I still had to use a scarf to cover my shoulders. And this will not be the first time I mention how supremely fucking hot it was so just be prepared. To be honest, it was the same temperature and humidity as Florida in the summer, but I don't spend my days in Florida walking around covered from head to toe in 100 degree weather, 100 % humidity. But again, maybe you're a masochist into that sorta thing, so, who am I to judge? 

Anyways, here's some pics: 

i love this pic; it's as if they're all like: "whoa. hold up. slow ya roll. what you talkin bout?"

buddha buddha buddha buddah rockin' everywhere
to be continued

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