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Art Basel, Miami, 2016

December 4, 2016

Apparently this weekend in Miami was a big event called Art Basel. It takes place in Miami Beach and Wynwood, with a few other venues between those places. 

Today we went to Wynwood for some drinks and to explore a little. They said that they did new walls, but I only saw the old ones so maybe we weren't in the right place. 

It was really cool! It's like an outdoor open-air space with a fixed bar in the middle, and then food trucks all around. They also have live music every day (Sunday is for Reggae!), a little dance area, and did I mention the food trucks?

We had a few beers, and then I waited in line FOREVER for this "world famous" House of Mac. I got the buffalo chicken mac & cheese (obviously) and Felipe got the lemon pepper wings. Okay, it was legit, but not sure it beats NYC's SMAC. And I waited over an hour for it because people literally lined up for this food truck for 30 minutes before it even opened, and then they would order like 12 orders of food. 

Can we talk about how Felipe is this guy brought to life?
After that, we walked around a bit. I wanted to check out a brewery and maybe this taco place (Coyo Taco, FYI), but it was a madhouse on the streets! Reminded me of NYC except not as good because Miami is not really built for large crowds on the sidewalk!

Next up: 

Season Finale!


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