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Weekend Update: Time to Relax

April 9, 2017

Ah, sunday nights.


I really needed this weekend to relax since last weekend was pretty much go, go, go -- will recap soon!

On Friday, I was just exhausted at work all day. When I look at my time throughout the week, man, friday is always dismal. And, just like when I was a teacher, I'll say - OK I'm just gonna do this on the weekend. And, do I? Nope.

I came home and took a nap and was intermittently getting texts about work, so, not my best work, and I am nervous about Monday because of it.

Yesterday all I did was clean ALL day!! Wow -- it's kind of crazy how I can clean all day and the apartment still just looks like ok kinda of better. The roomba is really clutch - even when I think the floors don't look that bad, after it runs, I'm like OMG -- horriyfing.

I made Felipe come and watch the sunset with me on the 10th floor (since our apartment has no view) - they've been really fabulous lately. That's really all we did. I started watching Ingobernable on Netflix. Really, within the first 5 minutes it's just insanity. Love it!


Ok, I got over myself and tried out a new Spin studio because it was a "themed" ride - Britney v. Christina. So fun! Also, they give complimentary spin shoes, so that was awesome.

After that, Felipe and I went to this place called Duffys. It's a sports bar on the water and I've wanted to go for awhile but have been put off by the fact that its like a 30 min drive for us, and honestly, there are just so many other places closer to us, it never seemed worth it. But, yanno, Felipe loves the yankees and I love the chance to be a bandwagon fan for the day, so I figured, why not.

They also had a DELISH salted caramel brownie dessert. WIN! Oh, and there is an 18+ patio with a pool and DJ #miamilife.


So, that's basically it. I also did a lot of planning for the week -- "planned" all my outfits! Planned my meal for tmrw. LOL. I need to plan out my workout outfits so I can actually, yanno, workout. We have a 5k "corporate run" in Miami at the end of the month so I need to try to get back up to a 5K by then (definitely doable if I actually commit). I'm realizing I REALLY need to be an AM work outer now though ... my afternoons are just too crazy to really commit to something then, unless I somehow become a person who can work out twice in a day (#inapastlife).

Also, coming up:

* Plan and finalize fourth of july trip to Guatemala (Antigua and Lake Atitlan)
* Weekend in Orlando -- getting the use out of our annual passes


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