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That time I set my hair on fiii-yahhhh

April 7, 2014

(I'm going to shift the focus of this blog to telling stories about my past/current/future travels because literally the only other thing goin' on in my life is LAW SCHOOL, all day, errry day)
Once upon a time, in the summer of 2011 (August 2011, to be exact), I went on a trip for about three weeks. We started with six days in London and then did a Contiki tour hitting up 9 countries after that (I believe it was Contiki Magic). 
It was a really awesome trip, but NONSTOP, except for the six days we spent in London prior to the trip. One of the things we did in London was a bike tour. Everyone recommended Fat Tire tours and they were right! I loved it!  I mean, anytime your bike tour stops at a pub for a beer... it's a winner! 

Sidenote: before this trip I had never really had any desire to go to London (or England). I prefer travelling to places that I think are "exotic." Or, I should say, I *used to* prefer that. I'm trying not to be such a travel snob anymore. Especially because I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVED London and I would LOVE to go back!!! #publifeforme

Anyways, I'm digressing. We became friends with our tour guide and he was like, oh yah I'm in a band y'all (he didn't say ya'll) should come see us perform. It was my sister + her friend's last night in town before they went back to America and Steph + I went with Contiki. Obvs, it's way more fun to do stuff that is non-touristy when you have an opportunity so we did. 

We found the place but we decided to go to this other little bar first. Downstairs there was a band playing. There was also a little shelf on the wall that had little baby tea candles. I thought to myself, "Self, don't walk into those candles." (see where this is going? ... if not, refer back to the subject). A little while, and a few beers later, the band started again and Steph was trying to hold her camera up to take a pic. I backed up because I wanted to look at her screen to see what she was taking a picture of. I ran into the wall and then I just decided I'd lean against it (#lazelife). 

I should mention that I was wearing some sort of like jacket thing. (I say jacket thing bc it was from forever 21 so you're with me on the quality, right?)
 so, you get the picture. 

Anyways, I'm leaning against this wall and this is the way my thought process goes. 

"Hmm. Smells like laser hair removal....my back feels kinda warm...shit ohmygod candle..." I move off of the wall, SEE smoke, smell smoke, and pull my hair like it's in a pony tail and the bottom of my hair is just like SINGED ash. There is literally smoke around me. People are like what the fucckkk. Stephanie is like "KIM OHMYGOD", we're both laughing and freaking out. The smell, ohhh the smell. If you've never smelled burning hair, you are a lucky lucky person. If you've ever had laser hair removal you are semi-aware of the smell but probably in that situation the hair is small and here this was full on like the bottom part of my hair. LUCKILY, I have really thick hair so I don't think it was ever really noticeable. hahahha. 

And that is the story of how I set my hair on fire in a bar in London. (For the record, I ALWAYS blow candles out when I go out now, even if it's just on the table at dinner!)

P.S. - the tour guide's band was really good, I had a lot of fun, and we ended the night drinking beers on a random stoop in the middle of london. 

 Have you ever set a body part on fire? Or something equally as insane?


  1. Ha-ha I cannot imagine this happening to me! Thanks for pulling a story from the past and giving me awareness of candles now when I'm out in public!


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