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Toughin it Out for the First Time

April 29, 2014

Hey yall!
So, I've decided to link up with Allie & Kay for Tough it Out Tuesdays. I figured what better to get back into a blogging groove than to start doing link-ups. I know, I know, doing a link up a day is pretty lame but I can't think my own thoughts right now and I'd like to think of these link ups as little writing prompts.
So, Tough it Out. It's no secret that I've been trying wanting to lose weight for YEARS now. ONE time I was really successful and lost almost 30 pounds but then I gained it all back. Basically what happened was that I plateau-ed and instead of being like, OK I guess I need to work out harder or just be happy with this weight, I just allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted, and NOT work out and then surprise, surprise, I gained it all back. 

The good news is I'm tall (5'10'') so I can actually eat a LOT and just maintain my weight. The bad news is that means that I had to have eaten SO MUCH in order to gain this weight. 

I don't know what to do. Weight watchers worked for me last time, but this time I'm just SO not into tracking. I have the app and paid for three months but NEVER use it. My bright idea was that I would just cut carbs and eat salads. But how boring is it to eat salads day in and day out? 

The other part: working out - I'm usually pretty good at. Unfortunately I hurt my ankle in February (yes, February) and I continued to run on it, but now it's at the point where if I go running my ankle is sore for 3-4 days afterwards to the point that I am limping. The good news is that I have a doctor's appt today with a foot and ankle specialist so hopefully he'll tell me something. My biggest fear is always that I'll go and they'll be like- you're crazy, there's nothing wrong with you. Sooo, there's that. 

Anyways, not really sure where I'm going with this post other than to say this: 
I KNOW I can do it (I've done it before) 
Hopefully if I commit to this link-up and being inspired by this group of ladies who post once a week about their own journeys, I will start to be more accountable! Here's hoping at least!

The Best Of Intentions


  1. So you pretty much said it.. You KNOW you can do this, so do it! :) I personally hated counting calories and tracking them with an app. I know it works, but I hated it. So now I just know about where I should be and I keep a pretty good mental track. Veggies and lean protein and good substitutes for boring salads every day!

  2. being in 'maintenance mode' is tough because you've hit all your goals and then what? that's what i'm finding hard...the motivation to keep going as hard as i used to when i was full-out weight loss mode. but this is where one must make mini-goals for themselves which is what i'm doing. right now it's miami so i'm pushing hard in order to NOT be the whale on the beach and next up is tough mudder in august where i will beat my last time and conquer the 2 obstacles i failed.

    keep up the great work and keep going :)

    Vodka and Soda


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