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Broken Ankles & So What if I exaggerate

April 22, 2014

friends with beachhouses. #donthateit
So, it's finals time again, which means I will undoubtedly start blogging a little bit more (yay, procrastination!)

I just want to take a second to whine though. 

I'm trying really hard to be healthy/work out/all that jazz because, I just FEEL BETTER when I do. Last week I cut carbs out so much and basically consisted on fruits/veggies/tuna. It was great. My ankle has been bothering me since the day before my half-marathon (in February) when I slipped on some weird little ball while running. It wasn't a ball, it was something that fell from trees, I don't know what they are - giant seeds? Anyways, I stepped on it (purposely -_-) when I was running because I thought I would crush it, but instead it rolled...yanno, like a ball, and it caused me to land SO HARD on my heel/ankle and it hurt like a mother. Soo, what did I do? Kept running, o'course. Then I ran a half marathon. I have lost all my running endurance since then because every time i went running my ankle would hurt. Not terribly, but just enough to make it uncomfortable and just enough to make me not want to do it. But, the last two times I went, it really was like I broke it for 3-4 days afterwards. It hurts SO bad and I am literally limping. I went to my friend's beach house this past weekend and she was like, let's go for a walk on the beach! And we're all like, yeah! And then I could barely walk because my heel was sinking into the sand and when I'd have to lift it up it was so painful. It also hurts really bad when I walk up/down stairs. So, awesome. 

like really unnaturally cold in florida this past weekend. had to discover other non-beach activities.

I'm going to the dr. tmrw. WHY do they make everything so complicated? I have to go the regular doctor to get a referall for an orthopedist. -_-. Just fix me, dammit!

Anyways, it's just annoying because I feel like I always get on a roll and then something happens and I just give up. I mean, I don't want to hurt myself so I'm not really sure what else I could be doing re: exercise, but I could definitely be doing better with eating!!!

But, blah blah, tired of hearing myself talk about the same stuff. 

The exciting news is that Felipe is here and YAYAYAYYA, I'm so happy! 
The sad news is that FINALS. 

Everyone's finals stress is the worst. I try not to let it affect me - especially because last semester I was like OMG I'm the dumbest person alive bc I'm not worried about this like everyone else, and then I did really well. But this time I'm afraid I'm not worried enough.

Also, I just want to be a giant bitch here for a second. Everyone's like, whoo! You did it ! Survived your 1L year of law school. I mean, BIG DEAL. I don't know, I'm such an old lady snob, but it's like - you survived going to class and taking 3 finals so far. That's literally what you survived. Because, right now, as a 1L student, I have literally only taken three finals, turned in 1 memo and 1 brief -- since August. (I also did other stuff but that's because I'm on a journal.) Now, I'm definitely gonna be pizzummpeedd (bringing back the random "zzzz"s into words) when my last FINAL is over Yes, then I might be turnt up (turned up? turn up? #oldladyprobs). 


  1. Yikes- hope you get your ankle figured out. Get through finals and then take a break!

  2. lol I don't know about all this slang that these young folks are using these days....

    That's not all i got from this post, I promise!

    I hope your ankle starts to feel better!

  3. Isn't that so annoying about the doctor? If I know what kind of doctor I need to see, just let me go straight there!


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