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Disney Princess Half - Training update & What I Use

February 9, 2014

Well peeps, yesterday I had it set that I needed to run EIGHT miles! The weekend before was six, and I couldn't do the whole thing without stopping because it was too hot / humid. I walked mile 4-5, drank a sports drink, then finished six. That was basically my plan for the eight ... even if I made it further than 4.5 miles I'd consider it a win because that's the longest distance I've run consecutively so far.

I went to this place in town that has a lake and there's a 2 mile loop around it, and its relatively flat (tallahassee, although in Florida, is SURPRISINGLY hilly!! no me gusta).

I brought my handheld water bottle:
It holds 10 ounces and it perfect for 4-6 miles. I also think it's perfect for races though because I will just refill my water bottle at the water stations and drink whatever gatorade/powerade they have. I just am never gonna be a person who feels comfortable running with a fuel belt. I need to have as little clothing/"extras" on me as possible and this works perfect. The spot I ran at yesterday has a park with a water fountain so I refilled it once.

I also gu'd for the first time.

Honestly, it was not as gross as I expected. I put it in the pocket of my running shorts and took it around mile 5.5 ... I think next time I will take it around 45 minutes (which will be between mile 4-5) because I was just about spent when I took it. Definitely if I didn't take it I would not have been able to finish the next 2.5 miles.

There are other options like jelly beans you can do but I think I prefer the gu, just squirt it in your mouth and swallow. haha. I realize how gross this sounds.

These running shorts:
They're only $22 on amazon and they are long enough. It's been REALLY hard to find like 'spandex' running shorts and i CANNOT run in like nike tempos or other shorts that aren't form fitting because they ride up and/or cause terrible chafing (tmi?) it's just not a pleasant time...but in Florida better to have as little clothes as possible! amiright?

Finally, da shoes:
 The compression sleeves are here (and yes I DO think they make a difference especially after the run).
 That's a nike tom tom GPS watch..honestly, you don't need me to tell you that you don't NEED the watch especially because I'll never be a competitive runner, but I like it!

Felipe found my tutu that I'm gonna wear at the race! haah! I came out of the shower and this is what I saw!!

Oh, but on the training side of things - LITERALLY the first day I started training for this race was Jan 19 - exactly five weeks before the half. I had not run in 2 MONTHS prior to that (or ANY kind ox exercise) because I was sick and then I was in NYC were it was "feels like -9 deg" and the first day I only ran 2.1 miles, and I could only run .5 miles with stopping...and THREE weeks later I ran 8 miles without stopping (except to take the gu!).

The moral of the story is -- don't wait till 5 weeks out to start training for a half marathon, but, if you do...you can do it!!

Now excuse me while I go foam roll my legs!!



  1. I love gu! Okay... I don't LOVE it, but I love that it works really well, really fast. We always take them on our bike rides and they were a lifesaver on our last trip (almost 17 miles - up a mountain). My favorite flavor is blackberry, and my least favorite is cherry limeade (something like that) I actually gagged on that one! And I agree on the shorts - the less material flapping around, the better.


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