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shots (and not the good kind)

February 18, 2014

So, this happened today.

I was in class and one of my friends gchatted me and sent me a link to a news article about a "possible hostage situation" at my apartment complex. I was like, wth, but it said they were letting residents in so I was like, nbd. Also, my apartment complex has at least 17 buildings, so I wasn't too concerned. 

I get home and I see these huge swatch of police tape -- going through the stairs of MY building--and about 5-6 cops in the street in front of my building. Plus a forensic van was there. That's no simple hostage situation if ID has taught me anything. 

I asked the cops if I could go to my apartment and they said yes and didn't look too concerned. 

I found out later that one person was killed by gunshots and another person wounded and in the hospital. 

what. the. actual. fuck. 

for the record, i lived in harlem for 2 years -- never anything like this. 
worked in the bronx for five years -- yes, okay, at least three shootings in that time. 

but now i'm back in florida for less than a year and there is a shooting in the building next to mine?? 

what is going on in the world???


law school is stressful. 
i never stop reading things. 
when will it be done. 

(a haiku...i think)


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