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that time i tried out for mock trial

February 26, 2014

so, tonight (and tomorrow) i tried out for the mock trial team. before i even came to law school, literally the only thing I wanted to do was be on mock trial. no pressure, right?

tonight we had to do an opening statement and tomorrow we have to do a cross examination. if we make the cut, we go on friday to do a closing statement. nevermind the fact that like half the people have done mock trial in undergrad or HS. :( ughhhhh.

of course i had my opening statement memorized and perfected but then i get in there in front of five people ive never met before and my voice was shaking the whole time. which wouldnt be a big deal, except that they actually take off points for a shaking voice! and i screwed up the last part of what I was saying. ughhhh.

anyways, tomorrow is the cross examination which could be easier or harder depending on my witness. i think i could do better if I'm talking to someone...i *think* it's less intimidating because it's more one on one than having five people stare at you..but if I have a hostile witness, it might be harder.

but, you know what, i have literally NEVER tried out for ANYTHING in my entire life for fear of rejection. this is what they're talking about when they say step outside your comfort zone. normally when i see those little quotes i'm all -- i always step outside my comfort zone! - because i always associate those things with traveling adventures but that doesnt make sense bc nothing about traveling is outside my comfort zone ... but anything where I might fail academically...yes, that is outside my comfort zone.

so, either way, i'm happy and proud of myself for trying and if i dont make it, hey, there's always moot court!

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  1. You got this girl, good luck! We called it Trial Advocacy at my school, but I did Moot Court! Woop I loved Moot Court!


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