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Race Recap: Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

February 27, 2014

So on Sunday I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

I started training for it on Jan 19. And when I say started training, I mean I had not been exercising AT ALL for the previous two months.

I'm not gonna get into all that, but just the actual race day.

We woke up at 3 am (!!) We actually woke up without alarms. It was one of those things where the alarm was set but then I just kept waking up all night so I got up at 2:50. The day before Disney had posted a race warning that temperatures would be "warmer than expected" so don't push too hard. -_-
It wasn't warmer, it was more humid ... and by more humid I mean it was 100 % humidy.


I may or may not have mentioned that I am SEVERELY affected by humidity. As in, I could run 10 miles no prob with less than 30% humidity, but the same temperature at 70% or more I can run 2 miles.

But, I wasn't gonna think about that. I just wanted to make sure I ate before the race and ate during the race so that I wouldn't feel like I overexerted myself.

I ate a bowl of soup (because I was worried about losing salt and I didn't want to eat salt tablets) and a banana and drank a sports drink before the race. I took 2 gus and a clif shot (better than gu!) during the race and drank powerade + water at every station.

The Pros:
The amount of fluid stations
The amount of porto-potties on the course
The corral situation -- I heard they did it a different way this year; There were 17 corrals and they let them out 2 minutes each. We were in the 7th corral. I never felt like it was too crowded at any point.
Running through Magic Kingdom!
The amount of characters on the race - even though I never stopped.
Everyone's costumes!

The Cons:
Lines so long for character stops
You run through MK like mile 4-7 ... the rest is really just running on the highway...BO-RING
You don't get free entrance into a park after you run (really really lame of disney

Overall, it was a fun race, but really expensive and I probably wouldn't do it again. I DO however, want to the wine and dine race because they DO let you into the park afterwards (because the race starts at night). I don't think I would ever do another race where I had to wake up at 3am. I ran that race, went back to the hotel and then had to drive four hours back to Tallahassee! I have been exhausted all week (also just because this is a crazy week at school).

Have you ever run the Disney Princess Half??


  1. That sounds fun! (not the waking up early) I can't believe they don't give you free entrance to the park afterwards.

  2. I would shoot myself if I had to wake up at 3 am to run.


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