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A Day in the Life

March 7, 2014

So I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I think those 'day in a life' thangs are pretty fun so I just decided to do it myself based on no prompting from anyone and under no indication that anyone besides me careeess!

I didn't have to be at school until 11:00 yesterday so I got a later start than normal. Usually I wake up between 7-8, yesterday I woke up at 8:00 and didn't really get up till 9:00 so that's when I started. I just took one picture per hour... I mean, I don't know why I'm explaining this because it's pretty self-explanatory!! 
 wake up, read

 rainy day on the way to class

 yes, i sit in the front row #nerdalert

 notice the notebook is still out #lawschoolprobs

 my biggest, and most painful class

 i'm also in the front row in this class

I go to publix at least twice a week -- is that normal?
 get home, read

yay, time to read blogs
 walked across the street to be a witness for something amanda was notarizing ... kept my hood on the whole time

they fed me! :) 

best part of my day!! 

am i the only one who never quits shows? 


  1. Yeah Spring Break! I also love that you sit in the front row. This was me and I never understood sitting anywhere else. Except a few courses in college where I'd goof off on my laptop the entire time - then I was in the wayyyyy back.

  2. I love DIML posts, especially when they're so different from mine. Is it weird I kind of miss school? I don't really have a career I want, but I miss taking notes and whatnot.

  3. Ohh man the second half of that class is probably torture because your brain is already done but you're at the front now! You're a rockstar.

  4. I'm watching Greys on DVR while I read blog posts right now! And love when people do these daily logs.

  5. I go to the store like 4x a week so you aren't crazy at all!


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