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Gettin' Ish Done

March 13, 2014

remember when saying "ish" was a thing?

yeah, me either.

anyways, this week is my spring break (have I mentioned?) and for the first time in forever (i LOVE that song off Frozen, way better than Let it Go!) I haven't gone somewhere. I was considering going to NYC - Sunday is Felipe's bday and I'm obviously so sad that I can't be there for it - but a ticket from Tally to NYC is only a mere $700 (!!! what the actual fuuuuu). I also decided not to go to Tampa because it's a four-hour drive and I just do not feel like driving home.

The good news is I've had a bunch of stuff on my "to-do" list for literally months, that I have just not be able to get around to and so I decided now is the time! As far as I can tell, bloggers LOVE to-do lists. I don't know if I'm just doing life wrong or what, but I am terrible at them. I have the same stuff on my to-do lists week after week.

For example, the past several weeks the following things have been there:
- Pay off tuition (I owe an additional $800 for some reason my fin aid didn't cover ... so I had to pay it.. but seriously, how long does this take? No reason to wait)
- Bar application notarized (since Jan 21 lol this has been on my list)
- Mail Bar app
- Send in passport renewal (just tried to work on this earlier in the week and realized I don't know where my passport is! -_-)
- Change oil
- Do taxes
- Change car plates (I still have NY plates and I'm supposed to have FL plates as of like September 2013)

That's just the "big" stuff, then, of course there is all sorts of other little stuff - clean out car, clean apartment, etc. etc.

Well, apparently you need a certified copy of your birth certificate ... nothing is ever simple!! So I went to the Health Department this morning to get one, and then I was like, heyy lemme get two copies so I can do this passport shiz too. So I did. And then I went and applied for a new passport -- did you always have to go to a place to do that? I feel like when I got it 10 years ago (ohmygawwwww) I just mailed stuff in. And then I went to mail my bar application. I got my oil changed yesterday and paid off my tuition!!

All that's left is to do my taxes (WHICH I'M DREADING!!) and change my car plates.

Wow, the longest post about a to-do list that absolutely no one cares about but meeee, but I am feeling pretty awesome that I don't have to re-write these things for the next week! All I have to worry about is school (all I ever worry about...)


  1. Get that oil changed!! This is something my dad asks me about every week (it seems) to make sure that I'm keeping up on it. It's a pain but necessary and your car will love you for it!

  2. yeah I love finding other FL bloggers!! I am such a list person! It feels so good to check things off right? xoxo

  3. Amazing what seemingly simple things seem like such a pain in the ass. There's just so many more exciting things to do with our time. Oh lifeeee


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