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Staying motivated to workout

March 5, 2014

If you have any nike app for running (I use the tomtom watch, but used to just use the app) it gives you little "awards" when you log onto the website. 

I was very excited today when my runs (I didn't run twice, just had to stop and start my watch b/c it was malfunctioning) uploaded and this came up: 

I mean, granted, I can't actually imagine a month of the year that I didn't exercise in the past however many years ... but some of those months were definitely just one or two times a month, but still, it gave me a little pep in my step. I haven't run since my half-marathon on Sunday, Feb 23 and I felt like I better effin' get back into it because I ran 5 times a week without fail from Jan 19 - Feb 23 and I don't want to lose that momentum.

I set a goal on Nike to run 5x week for the next 6 weeks (Nike "recommends" 6x a week -- what??) which is really ambitious but also, not crazy! And really it just counts down from 30 so one week if I'm feel ambitious I can run 6 or 7 days. Also, there is no length requirement so if all else fails I will resort to the good ol' #mileaday.

Another goal is just for that little "shield" to light up at the end of the year to tell me I was active every month of the year!

What helps you stay motivated?


  1. my tough mudder coming up this year keeps me motivated; so is my upcoming trip in may to miami!

  2. Yeah girl! Keep up the great goals! I stay motivated just by being able to fit into my jeans. I don't need anything else!

  3. Gosh if I could only get started EVER....


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