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How To Make Your Legs Feel Like They Were Beat With A Bat! (and other stories)

March 10, 2014

Happy Monday, y'all! 

And it IS happy for me because I'm on Spring Break! What, what! I mean, it's not spring break like it was in undergrad, or even as a teacher, because this spring break I'm just so excited to be able to catch up on all my school work, and outline for finals and hopefully finish my brief. So, in other words, I'm working all week but at least going to class won't get in the way!

I had a pretty good weekend. 

Friday night I had to stay in to finish these practice exam questions for my Contracts class. OK, I didn't HAVE to do them but my professor was gone for almost two weeks (he was working on something in Greece) and he said if we did them and sent them to him by midnight on Friday (you can see I'm such a diligent student) he would read them and send back comments embedded in our word doc. This is pretty amazing because law profs NEVER grade the practice problems they give you -- it would just be too much work for them. It took over a month to get my grades back from my finals last semester so of course they don't want to deal with that stuff during the semester. 
Saturday morning I went to do another stadium workout with Amanda and Sophie. These girls are nuts (in a good way!) and way better at working out than me so it's good to work out with them. This time I tried to actually run up the stadium steps a few times (last time I just walked) and my calves are not happy with me because of that. 
Saturday night we went to dinner at this pizza place -- it was my second time and I decided I don't like it. I mean, maybe I'm a pizza snob after living in NYC, but this is like a "fancy" pizza place that supposedly has wood-oven pizza...but the crust is never crunchy. 
Then we went to a new bar that just opened next door. It just seemed unfinished to me. There were a lot of people there probably because it just opened, but I wouldn't necessarily want to go back. I don't like "bars" where I'm sitting down at a table and there's no music or nothing to do. I need music, darts, bar jenga, pool, something! Even if I'm not playing the games, someone is. 

Yesterday I woke up with a little hangover and very sore legs but I decided it was so nice out I HAD to go running. My goal was to break a 10:00/mile. Usually I can't do it and I think it's because in my head I usually go for distance, not speed. This time I told myself it was OK if I had to walk after running as hard as I could for the mile. I have a nike tomtom watch and it will show me my "pace" as I'm going and it got down to like 8:50. I was like, holy shit! I'm gonna run this in sub-9:00/mile. But alas, baby steps. I did my first mile in 9:08!! I was so happy! I think on Sundays I'm gonna work on "speed training" because I really do want to get faster! 

I did 4 miles total and then later in the day I went and walked some trails with Amanda and Lola. Another 2.5 miles! So then I decided I deserved Chipotle and I watched Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, and Revenge
sunset from chipotle parking lot. haha
- OUAT: Why do Neal & Hook get sent back with everyone else in the curse? They weren't brought there by the curse so it doesn't make sense that they would go back. Why wouldn't they have just crossed the line out of storybrook with Emma and Henry?
- Totally called that Walsh (what kind of name is that?) was a creep. 
- An otherwise blah episode that I've come to expect from OUAT where nothing really happens but you just keep watching, thinking maybe next time something will, and then they save it all for the season finale

- Resurrection: I don't know where they're going with this show and I definitely don't think it can be a multi-season show. 

- Revenge: HOW POINTLESS was the Victoria - Jimmy - Patrick thing????!! They just wanted a way to fill an episode with another "revenge" without having to flesh-out Emily's storyline. I will keep watching this show because I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) Aiden and Nolan, but I think it's so stupid!! Television viewers do not want to CONSTANTLY experience a "not again!" moment when watching a show! We want closure and we want the story to MOVE.FORWARD. I would have been totally happy if Emily's plan to frame Victoria had gone through, and then she showed up at her jail cell or sent her  a letter and was like, BTW - I'm David Clark's daughter. IN YO FACE. 
- UGH. But i'll keep watching. I literally cannot quit shows. (exception: Heroes).


  1. stadium workouts are the best! the stairs are a killer but THEY WORK

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. What an ambitious weekend on your legs! I'm so impressed. I need to find some good stairs in my area and keep up because Kathy's right, they work!


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