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Friday night rambling

May 2, 2014

I'm feeling pretty fancy because I FINALLY got disqus for my comments! i don't know why i never did it before? i think I thought it was only for wordpress? who knows. I guess it's not REALLY that much different than blogger's regular commenting system, I can comment on what people say anyways, but I dunno, Disqus just looks better doesn't it? I like it when people respond to comments in-post because I think it just adds to the convo. Orrrr (more likely) I'm just a nosy B and I like to see what the blogger said back to the commenter. Yeah, that. I think Disqus is better than blogger in that respect because it emails the commenter to let them know there's been a response and if you do it through blogger you never know if you got a response unless you go back and obsessively stalk a blog. 

Now, I need to share this with you: 

Barefoot Summer Red wine. Now, I'm not sure, this might just be like a wine cooler. I've never had a wine cooler so I really couldn't say. But, this is delicious. I just thought it was going to be a "light" red wine (btw, I drink red wine now, who am I?) that you refrigerate (I guess *technically* you could refrigerate red wine if you want) but when I started drinking it it's like champagne red wine. Definitely sparkling. It doesn't even taste like I'm drinking wine, to be honest. It's definitely SWEET though so I wouldn't recommend downing a whole bottle (what, you don't down whole bottles?) but it's a sweet switch up. 

In other news, I wrote on Tuesday that I'm trying to get on that morning workout train. I did my first morning class yesterday -- at 9:15. LOL. Do you just hate me. I realize this isn't typically what people complain about when they complain about morning workouts, but, baby steps peeps. I AM working at an externship this summer so I will have to do 6am workouts in order to make it on type so I figured what better way to EEEASSSEE into then to do 8-9 am classes this last week during finals. Unfortunately I thought it would be a good idea to eat cheerios with milk about 45 minutes before the class started (a real-ryde spin class) and about half way through I had to go to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up/pass out/have a panic attacks (three things that are linked for my "panic episodes" -- a different post for a different day). I did finish the class, but REALLY lamely. I didn't have any resistance on my bike. Then again, I always KILL myself when I do work out classes -- to the point that the last time I went to this fitness studio I literally DID think I was dying and went to urgent care because I thought I was having a stroke (I guess also another story for another day). Where was I going with this?? 

Oh yeah, morning workouts. Hard. Well, I read this post on Always Ashten and I thought it was so great! I gotta get me a harry potter alarm and also I really liked the idea of putting it in your calendar, and ESPECIALLY the idea of snapchatting gym pics! So, who snapchats and wants to be in a workout support group?? Anyone? Bueller? (I may or may not just want an excuse to snapchat). 

Otherwise, all I'm doing tonight is dateline, pizza, wine, studying. In order of priorities. The problem is I just killed myself studying for my contracts exam and now I don't care anymore -- and I have two exams left! oops!!! I like everything about law school EXCEPT the whole your final is your only grade thang. And it's graded on a curve. Those two things suck. Otherwise, bueno. 

Happy weekend y'all!

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