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July 4, 2014

My favorite song y'all!

I love the Fourth of July and I couldnt really put my finger on exactly why until I read Juliette's post and said she likes holidays that are about presence, not presents and I was like BINGO! that's EXACTLY it! I also LOVE St Patty's Day and it boils down to = themed dressing. What's not to love? If you missed my America nails that I posted on IG and in a previous post this week, go here.

So today I woke up and went running on my old stomping grounds. I forgot how absolutely incredible it is to go running and have an OCEAN BREEZE on you!! Whyyy cant I have that in Tallahassee??? 
Then we went the pool in my parents' "community". AKA Old people village. There are so many rules it's insane. 
it's normal to read books in the pool, right?
Then I got a pretty brutal headache so we came home and I took a nap, now we're watching fĂștbol, and later we're going to some breweries and then to watch fireworks, because what's more American than breweries + fireworks?? 


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