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Preparing to Leave the Country

July 29, 2014

So, I'm heading out on Saturday morning (my first flight leaves at 7:20am. WAHHH) to Turks & Caicos. Every year my sister and friend Steph and I (and sometimes others) go on a trip that centers around August 4. The past trips have been London, Ireland, and (last year) Iceland. For my 30th birthday -- which is next year -- I want to go on an African Safari! #bucketlist. So, the idea was that this year we would stick close to home. I saw on TripAdvisor that they did an article on the top 10 beaches in the WORLD, and Turks and Caicos was on the list!

I didn't even know where Turks and Caicos was before I started researching this trip. Turns out, it's right there in the Carribbean.

So, what started out as a sticking-close-to-home-to-save-money trip, has basically turned into possibly the most expensive of all the trips we've taken!! I can't believe it. But, t&c is pretty abandoned, in terms of, it hasn't been overrun with tourism yet (win!). We got an oceanfront room, so I'm veryy excited!!

But, before I go on a big trip I have a few things that I ALWAYS do, no matter how much I try to resist.

#1. ONLINE SHOP like crazy

I cannot seem to stop myself from buying everything that I think I might actually possibly maybe need/use.

This time, I bought a Lo & Sons bag. The MOST expensive bag I have ever bought, and I am REALLY hoping that it lives up to the hype. And by hype, I mean my own research that I did about it. The biggest perks of it are the strap on the back that lets it easily be attached to your rolly luggage + all the pockets!

I also went on an old navy shopping binge. I got enough clothes to wear something new every day. Soooo I might have gone overboard.

Victoria Secret bathing suits. Ahhh. Unfortunately the bottoms are too small, (i think?) . . . it's hard to tell with bathing suits bc I feel like if you get a size that feels good, when it gets wet, it falls off, and if you get it a little smaller then you're like, why is my fat being squeezed out of me.

#2. Get my nails did!
Haven't done this yet - I think I'm gonna go Friday and get NEON EVERYTHING!!

#3. Pack the night before or the day of (depending on flight time). 

I really don't understand these people who are packed like a week before they leave. What if you need the stuff you've packed? I'm actually a pretty good packer although I ALWAYS bring one or two things that I NEVER wear. I'm gonna try to beat that this year.

#4. Charge all the things. 

Cameras, iPad, eReaders, phone, portable battery stick. Nothing worse than your charge dying, ESPECIALLY on the cameras.

#5. Obsess over TripAdvisor

If you travel and don't use TripAdvisor, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Seriously. That is the best wesbite/app of all time! Unfortunately, I am always really bad about actually writing my own reviews, but it is absolutely the best resource for what to do, where to go, when to eat, etc. I spent hours the other night looking at people's photos from the resort we're staying at!!

BONUS #6 - Panic about flying. 

You'd think with the amount of times I've flown (100s, if not 1000s), this would not longer be an issue, but no. I'm semi-excited this time because I've been working at it with my therapist so we'll see how it goes. I think I make myself out more scared than I am, and usually I go to the airport bar before the flight so it's not a HUGE issue, but still, it would be nice not to think the plane is going down every time there's turbulence.

(A hilarious post that I swear I could have written -- esp. #12 -- about what freaks out nervous flyers)

& there you have it. All the things I do to prepare for a trip! What about you??

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