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January 26, 2014


I'm feeling pretty good about myself because I'm almost caught up on reading through Tuesday! (#lawschoolwin)

On Friday, I went and got my hurrr did ... time to brighten up the red!

At first I got home and was terrified at how RED it was (because the red fades so fast, I forget what it looked like at first), but then I decided I love it again.

I might go get it spruced up right before the Disney Princess Half Marathon (Feb 23) too because I need to be Ariel when running this thang!!

Anyways, I wrote my last post about how I was having all sorts of health issues (whether real or imagined is yet to be determined) and because of that I started doing a few things differently. Also, I'm running a half marathon in less than a month.

Last Sunday I went running for the first time in basically two months and I could only go 0.5 miles before I needed to walk because my heart rate was so high. Yesterday I ran 4 miles without stopping. In six days I increased my mileage by 3.5 miles. Now, all I need to do from now until the half is increase mileage by 2 miles a week. Easy, peasy...right?

I also quit drinking soda last Saturday. That is actually MINDBLOWING. I have been trying to quit drinking soda since at least high school, when I was maybe 23 or 24 I switched to diet soda, cause, yanno, it's "healthier" and even through all my traveling where I don't even LIKE the Coke Light or whatever the version was, I could not bring myself to quit it completely! Then I just became convinced that aspartame was killing me and I quit it without much thought. The week prior to that I slowly let up on it, down to one soda a day and a cup of caffeinated tea in the afternoon if I felt a headache coming on, but otherwise, I've had no soda and no caffeine for 8 days now. It still doesn't even seem real that I did it. I basically consider myself like an alcoholic or drug addict in that I don't think I will ever be completely "cured"...other people talk about quitting soda and then being good after like 3 or 4 days...not me, nope, I'm still like damnnn I want diet coke right now! Instead I'm drinking water. blahhhh.

Also, I started drinking green smoothies every morning!! Instead of the super healthy biscuit I'd get from McD's (just a plain biscuit, but still), I make a green smoothie with 2 cups of spinach, 2 cups of water, a cup of strawberries, a banana and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I make the bags of the ingredients on Sunday, freeze them, and then dump the ingredients into the blender (I add the water then too) and then I have a really COLD frozen green smoothie!!

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about all these healthy steps I'm taking but I'm obviously not all the way there yet -- I ate burger king for lunch today for god's sake (just didn't drink soda with it and no mayo on the burger)...so, it's baby steps and changing one habit at a time.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. LOVE the color. Ugh. I wish I could do that lighter red, but I am not meant for light hair.


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