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Why I Started a New Blog

January 3, 2014

(warning: this post contains no picture)

So here's the thing.

I literally made my blog private for less than a week and then missed it so here I am with a new blog and a fresh start.

Why bother?

I always wondered when people started new blogs entirely.

I blogged at my other blog for almost three years. I think it was over two years before I even realized there was a "bloggin community". Looking back on my first posts they are ridiculous, all about weight loss, and crazily enough, the most interesting posts of the bunch.

I went through a phase of sponsoring blogs and participating in giveaways. I wanted to grow(!) my(!) blog(!) (italicized for being buzz words!). I got some followers, then google reader ended and I had less followers on bloglovin' and I didn't really care because if you're a good blogger you don't "care about the numbers", right?

Except if you say that to any blogger they won't believe you.

Well, I don't anymore. I was tired of looking at this number of followers that was not reflective AT ALL of how many people were actually reading my blog. I get (at most) ten comments a post and that's really only if I post regularly and I just don't get it because people who post regularly (in my opinion) have so much "filler" content.

I also noticed a lot of the blogs that were coming into view were rapidly climbing to 1000+ followers within months (MONTHS!) of being created and then also falling off the face of the earth just as fast. Why? Well I really don't know but I'd reason a guess that they became overwhelmed with that metaphorical monster they'd created in a blog that earns money ... and if I'm not wrong I think most people start blogging because they like writing not because they like formatting sidebars and coordinating giveaways and when your blog becomes less and less about writing you are less inspired. (Just a guess).

So, I don't care how many followers I have. I don't know how often I'll be able to write once I start back up at law school, but I freaking love blogging, I can't help it. I unfollowed all but about 10 blogs on bloglovin' too because I only want to read people who write about REAL stuff. If you know any blogs like that, please send them my way.

Blogs that I always get excited to see an update from and always click on:
The Unreal Life
The Other Juliette
Helene in Between (Also of all the people I've sponsored, she has been far and away, the BEST so if you do want to spend money on sponsorships I'd say pick her ... she also sometimes offers discount codes on twitter!)
The Daily Tay
Life of Bon (she always writes 'real' stuff even if she gets flack for it sometimes)
Don't Quote the Raven (even though I disagree with her on just about everything political she writes...the point is..she writes it)
Oh...this is Awkward 
Ifs ands and butts

& I'm sure I'm missing some, & you've already probably heard of most of them..but that's the problem with finding good blogs...if they aren't concerned about followers and don't do sponsorships...how the heck do you find them??

So, back to this blog. I was going to quit altogether, but then I just checked and "kim-wanders.blogspot.com" was available and being that my IG and twitter accounts are both @kim_wanders, how could I resist? At first I thought, I'll just update about travels and where I want to wander, but it obviously took three posts for that to go out the window.

I also realize it looks VERY sparse right now, but my goal with this blog is just to go back to basics. I want anyone who follows to be someone who genuinely enjoys reading, and I want to design the layout myself by googling shit and figuring it out. I can do this!

Happy Friday y'all!

bon voyage,


  1. Woo hoo! Back to the basics...and the FUN of it =) Thanks for the love chica. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Tbis is awesome! I'm happy to see a blogger who just loves blogginggo back to the most simple form of it all.

    Also, it feels good to design your own blog. Something you can be proud of!

  3. I love the new blog!!! I'm so excited to follow along. AND you are way too kind. thank you for saying that. I HEART YOU BIG TIME!

  4. I love the DIY tutorials on the site below! DIY design is so much fun.


  5. i love blogging; it's way too much fun right now to quit. sometimes we just need a new change or a different path and a new blog is just the way to start. and i'm with you on the blogging for you and not caring about the numbers. half the crap i write is pure garbage and i'm more concerned with the interactions i have with other readers, not the number of readers i have.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Thanks for the shoutout, friend! I absolutely hate how forced my blog feels at times. Lately, I've decided to just not write when I'm writing only to publish something that day. I'm like you, my blog has been around for nearly 4 years and it took me FOREVER to figure out the things bloggers "should" know. I thought about starting a new blog a million times, but I have been too attached to some of the old content (literally probably only 5% though). Anyway, congrats, excited for you and have added this new one to my Feedly (hate bloglovin). You've always been on my must reads.


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