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On Nicknames

January 13, 2014

Happy Monday, ya'll!

Today is my first day back at law school after four weeks off!! I have a whopping ONE class to attend today, so it's gonna be rough.

No, but seriously, we have one class today but then FOUR on Tuesday. Gawd. Gonna be rough.

A couple things:

I tried "green smoothie"-ing yesterday for the first time. My smoothie was less green and more brown and less smoothie and more juicey, but whatever, it was drinkable (which is actually saying a LOT for me.)

The issue was that my mom gave me a magic bullet and while I was REALLY excited about it initially, I realized that the MB literally holds barely 2 cups of stuff so all I could fit in was spinach, strawberries and water. I immediately went to TarJay where I purchased a REAL blender. (Mom, I'm a grown up!!)

I also bought a new scale (rather than just replace the battery in my old one -_-) and the woman who checked me out didn't put the scale OR blender in a bag. I'm like, "um, can I get a bag for this?" and she looked at me like I was dumb and then was like, "I don't have big bags for that." I'm thinking, then get some! WTF! What am I supposed to do??

I also had a minor moment of panic when I thought I left my keys in my car (totally something I would do) but turns out they were in the pocket of my sweatshirt. Pheww.

Also, I got back to Florida on Thurdsay, and when I was leaving NYC I snapped a ton of pics!

Can you believe that view of manhattan? You can see the lake from Central Park clearly and the lights are from times square! Also, this photo is totally unedited besides the mandatory IG-resize! I'm a terrified flyer but it makes it easier to bear when this is what you see out the window!!

Anyways, I started writing this post because someone on FB was complaining that in her class a kid was calling her a nickname (like if someone in my class saw my name was Kimberly and called me Kimmy). This has distressed her so much that she took to the book to ask how to get this kid to stop. First of all, what do you think people are going to say other than - email the kid and tell him you hate that nickname? Secondly, does it really bother you that much? I personally am a HUGE fan of nicknames and I like it when people call me something other than Kim because it feels friendly...and I'm a huge fan of friendliness (who's not?). I kind of get it if you don't want people to call you babe, hun, etc. ...but just a nickname off your name? Am I alone and not getting what the problem is??

Last thing:
When I as driving from Clearwater to Tallahassee, I saw this while in some part of podunk Florida.

What. the. actual. fuck.
The first time I saw this truck it was turning left and the dog was STANDING UP on the corner of the toolbox and looked like he was about to fall off! This truck kept going and was driving around 65 mph at points with the dog up there. I was outraged and posted it on IG and one of my friends who is a Florida State Trooper said it's not illegal. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? People are fucking sick!!!!

Oh, and tomorrow I'm taking over the blog baton!

Hope y'all had a great weekend and please weigh in on the nickname thangg!



  1. seriously? just ignore it and how is that affecting her?

    kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I've been so confused lately because I've been on three conference calls where people I've never worked with before have called me Katie instead of Kate. The people closest to me who have known me forever call me Katie but that is about it. Doesn't bother me but wondering why all of a sudden it's happening. (Boy I seem upset about this but am not I swear!)

  3. I can understand not wanting certain nicknames or having some nicknames be for certain people, but how do you not know how to deal with it? Say "Dude, only call me XYZ not ABC. K, thx." Not that hard.


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