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Friday Favorites: Summer Edition

May 23, 2014

Hey y'all!
 I think about once a day I have inspiration for a really great post I want to write. I plan it out in my head, and then when I show up to write it, it just becomes blahhhh. Today I wanted to right about all my thick hair and how much i love laser hair removal but I wrote about a paragraph and then was like, this sucks. So, I'm gonna keep it really simple and link up (for the first time!) with my Friday Favorites! I have a lot of balls in the air right now stressing me out so it's nice to take a moment to reflect on things I appreciate!

(1) Not having to go into my internship until 12 today! 
Sleeping in for the win!

(3) Laser hair removal (truly an amazing thing)

(4) House of Cards 
I'm on the fifth episode of season 1 and I am JUST NOW getting into it. Way overhyped but I love Peter and I want him to be OK. 

(5) Air conditioning
It's a wonderful thing. Tallahassee has been in the mid 90s this week. And it's MAY. Oy vey. Not sure I'm ready for Florida summers again!!


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