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Weekend Shenans

May 27, 2014

I had the best weekend!

My parents came up Saturday and left Sunday. I decided to get domestic and got some flowers (which I didn't have vases for) from club pub. 

My moms brought me a housewarming gift of a pretty big canvas pic of times square. I mean, times square is my LEAST favorite place in NYC (rivalled maybeee by China Town) but, it was still really sweet, and I can appreciate times square when I'm not trapped behind a slow-walking tourist who cant stop looking up. 
We went out to dinner, then to a bar where my parents made friends with these two guys and proceeded to play pool, darts, and beer pong with them all night. The guys were like, "Your parents are so cool!" and apparently they said to my parents, "I hope I'm still partying when I'm old like you!" hahahaha. But yeah, and then a bunch of my friends met up with us and they were like, yeah your parents are cool. #duh. 

I posted this pic on IG and I knew my moms hand looked wonky but I didn't know people would start texting me, having seen it and mistakenly believed that felipe popped the question, HAH. 

On Sunday we went to ross and bealls and my mom get me an area rug for my living room and helped me pick out stuff to decorate my bathroom! I had been wanting to do my downstairs bathroom beach themed and bealls had the BEST stuff!!

I also watched ALL of House Of Cards. I went from Bored - to intrigued - to angry - to intrigued - to bored. I'm sorry people, but it is WAYY OVERRATED. It's like a mix of Scandal and West Wing, but Scandal and West Wing both do it way better. If you want to be crazy conspiracy -- Scandal. If you want to be political -- West Wing. If you want a little bit of both, but not as good -- House of Cards. But, whatevs. I did NOT recognize that Claire was Jenny! And I was totally uncomfortable (TINY SPOILER ALERT) with that weird little threesome with Meechum. Like, is this what people do?? I'm not judgy, but I just can't believe that people are jumping into threesomes like that. 

I also finished editing all the pics of the wedding I photographed a few weeks ago. 

Trust me, I know it's not the best wedding photography you've ever seen, but I only charge $100 for one hours of photos + basic edits + disc with photos mailed to you. Considering I spent close to 7+ hrs editing the photos, I'd say that was a fair price!! I do think I'm getting a little better though. This wedding was tough because although originally I was so excited because it was at 11 and SUNNY, I didn't realize how fucking annoying shadows were going to be!! UGH! But, the bride saw some pics I posted on FB and loved them, sooo... yay!!

How was your weekend??

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