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So You've Survived Your First Year of Law School?

May 12, 2014

So, no big deal kiddos but I finished my first year of law school on Friday at approximately 3:55pm. 
And I DO mean that no big deal thing. I don't get why people are all - "Ohmerrgawwdd we survived 1L!!" What was the other option? You'd DIE? Unlikely. You'd drop out? Maybe. But, when you've been thinking about law school for as long as I have and then finally go, there's really no room to die. Also, just for the record, NO WHERE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO AS CHALLENGING AS TEACHING. NO.WHERE.CLOSE. Especially not your first year as a teacher. All you have to do as a law student is go to class, read (a lot) of cases, and if you want to be top of your class, ask questions. Oh, and study like crazy the three weeks around finals. 
But, this semester was definitely more of a challenge for me. They pick your whole first year schedule for you so this semester we had 16 credits in five classes and it was just too much. Especially because one of the classes, Leg Reg, is just evil. I may have complained about it a time or two. 
But anyways, no rest for the weary and I'm heading out in about 10 minutes for my first summer class. 

Yep. It sucks. But, on the up side, at least I'm still in the school groove. I'm taking two classes plus doing an externship at the State Attorney's Office so, whoop. Busy Busy! But I just wrote down my schedule for the fall and I have no classes on Monday or Friday, and I'm done by noon on Wednesdays. #iamgenius. 

So, this weekend, how did I celebrate? 

#1. Went out for a girls-only drinks + desserts meet up on Friday night. 

#2. Saw Spiderman

- If you've seen it, I <3 Andrew Garfield + Emma Stone. Felipe hates Emma Stone so sometimes his dislike of her seeps into my brain, but they are SO CUTE and I love them together. 
- Whoever played Harry Osborn was like the perfect cute but totally evil looking kid to play him but I was like EWWWWW when he turned into the Green Goblin. Like, at least let him be cute!!
 #3. Read a bunch & Napped!
new futon folds up and down two different ways! I love this way!!
Currently reading: Sycamore Row, which is obviously a legal thriller that I actually told Felipe I was into because it's talking about a will contest. WHO AM I??

#4. Bragged to my sister about my Kate Spade planner. 
eBay, fools!

#5. Once Upon A Time & Revenge Finales!!!

If you follow me on le twitter you know I cant stop/wont stop with live tweeting AND I DONT CARE IF IT HAS A SPOILER, STAY OFF TWITTER THEN. #sorrynotsorry (and I like to engage in a debate about this, because I DO NOT for the life of me understand how people can possible be upset about spoilers on twitter. Facebook I get, but still, no one is forcing you on FB). 

I almost gave up on Once Upon A Time but I'm glad I didn't because after the mid-season finale it got EXPONENTIALLY better!! Although there are so many plot holes and unexplained reemergences of thought-to-be-defunct magic, but whatevs. I'll suspend disbelief. 

And Revenge. OMG. I won't spoil it but if you've seen it can we commiserate together?? 

So, overall, a really great, relaxing weekend!!! Of course, the best part was spending it all with my boo!!!

Have a great week, y'all!

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