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August Trip Unveiled!

May 30, 2014

For those of you who have followed me from my other blog, you'll know that every summer in August, my sister, friend Stephanie, and I go on a trip somewhere. My sister and I started the tradition to remember my Aunt (whose birthday was Aug 4) and Steph has been around for the ride ever since. 

My aunt passed away in July 2010, and in Aug 2010 I just happened to be hiking the Inca Trail on her birthday

Aug 2011 = London (*plus Contiki European Magic Tour)
Aug 2012 = Ireland (* Scotland)
Aug 2013 = Iceland (*Turkey)

(*Steph and I also continued on our own from all those places).

Next summer is going to be my 30th Birthday (SAYYY WHAAAAA) and I have been planning for at least three years now to go on an African Safari for that!! (bucket list much, yall?). So, this summer we thought it would be good to stay close to home, but still go somewhere that not that many people talk about.

Have you figured it out yet??

The beautiful Carribbean island of TURKS & CAICOS!

As far as I can tell it looks basically deserted year-round, and at less than a 2 hr flight from Miami, it's perfect. I got a little spoiled floating around on the Turquoise Coast last summer and realized that relaxing vacation = incredible. Last summer was the first time I ever TRULY relaxed on a (part of a) vacation and I could get used to it! Especially after this crazy first year of law school (lol I started to write teaching. #flashbacks).

I used to feel a constant need to be traveling somewhere new,  never content with just sitting still and appreciating what I had going on in my life at that moment. While I absolutely will never stop dreaming about my next trip abroad and all the beautiful and amazing and breathtaking places that I still have to see -- I'm happy that I have also learned to be content in appreciating the here and now as well.

Have you ever been to Turks & Caicos? Anywhere in the Carribbean? What's your favorite type of vacay? Beach/Mountains/City Adventure/Relaxing/A mix (I'm definitely a mix of both types myself!)

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