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Riding the Curve

May 6, 2014

Today I went and took pictures at a wedding, it was fun (BUT SO HOT) but I find that whenever I do something creative it really just gets my creative juices flowing and then all I want to do is be creative all day. 

Unfortunately, I have to study for my last final (WHOOOHOO!) which is on Thursday (and then classes start again on Tuesday). 

Also unfortunately, I totally BOMBED my leg-reg final yesterday. BOMBED with not just a capital B but with every letter capitalized!! I have NEVER in my life of school (and consider the fact that I majored in Spanish AND got my master's in Spanish and had to answer a comprehensive essay to get my master's) felt so lost while taking a final. It was 4 hours to complete two questions. It was open book. (only in law school is the fact that something is open book not really that much of a benefit) and I wanted to cry, rip up my test booklet and just give up and leave. The only thing that kept my butt in that chair is the fact that law school exams are graded on a curve. Now, in my past life, a curve was a good thing - whoever got the highest grade, that was top grade and then everyone else's grades got bumped up accordingly. Not so in law school. In law school there can be 5% of the class who gets an A, 5% who gets a D/F (which is failing) and everyone else gets B&C ("riding the curve"). This is annoying sometimes because we're all so close together in grades but people are forced down into low Bs, Cs, because of the curve. Perfect example: A girl I know WOULD HAVE gotten an 89 on her Civ Pro final, but there was only an 11-point spread from the highest to the lowest grade and because she was the lowest with her 89, she got a D in the class and had to retake it. (OHMYGOD!). I mean, just beside the point that how awful would it be to have to RETAKE A CLASS, but I just really really really hated leg reg and I am praying/hoping/wishing that I got a 70! 

Anyways, this wedding today - so beautiful! There are so many pretty places in Tallahassee that I never even knew about! 

A little peek: 

(so annoyed that this turned out blurry!

Update 7/24/14: I got an 80 on my LegReg final. Okay, so not BOMBED but still a Bombed for me . . . my lowest grade in law school so far (and hopefully, forever!)

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